Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams is an educator and relationship coach who owns Chrysalis Coaching on the Mornington Peninsula. Amanda has 15 years of experience in the teaching, mentoring and coaching arenas and an extensive work history across multiple industries including, disability support and children’s education.
With a keen fascination for relationships and the way people interact, Amanda was inevitably drawn towards relationship coaching. Moreover her past experiences has led her down this pathway and she is now motivated to help others improve their relationships.
Amanda has qualifications in childhood education, relationship coaching, life coaching, holistic counselling and healing, and has always had a strong desire to continue learning. Because of this she’s been able to utilise her commendable skillset to achieve great results at work. Further to this, she is also an NLP and EDISC Practitioner. 

Having helped many people throughout her life she has established herself as a nurturing coach and educator. Through Chrysalis Coaching, Amanda's mission is to inspire happiness and help people create fulfilling relationships.

Chrysalis Coaching